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The breakthrough, continuous connection technology in Hydromotion’s POWER PLATE family of slip plates eliminates the weaknesses of conventional slip rings in the rotating transmission of power and information. Unreliable, intermittent, and even unsafe operation caused by corrosion, wear, arcing, and contamination in conventional slip rings is in the past.

POWER PLATE slip plates are designed to guarantee full-time, 360 degree contact between the fixed and rotating elements, eliminating dead zones and deterioration that lead to intermittent operation or total failure.

POWER PLATE slip plates give you:

  • Trouble-free transmission for power
  • Noise-free channel for CAN/BUS and other multiplexed signal communications
  • Low ownership cost
  • Long life cycle

Choose the POWER PLATE Solution That’s Right for You

POWER PLATE — The Low Cost, Ready-to-Go Solution

  • High-impact plastic case with molded-in components
  • Standard configuration of 12, 20 A pre-wired circuits to eliminate assembly line internal wiring
  • Environmentally sealed housing with dry lubricant, eliminating maintenance cost
  • Light weight–only 2.6 pounds

POWER PLATE XD — For More Demanding Environments

  • Rugged unit in hermetically sealed aluminum case
  • Configurations tailored for your product including position-sensing encoder options, number of circuits, and mounting arrangements
  • Dielectric lubricant fill to reduce temperatures in higher speed use
  • Suitable for more rigorous applications

Let Hydromotion provide a solution for your specific application requirements. Fill out the RFQ form for more information or a quote. Make a Hydromotion POWER PLATE electric slip plate part of your design.

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