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Combining Leading Technologies

Build more versatile and reliable industrial equipment or service vehicles by building in Hydromotion combination electric/fluid swivels. The combination of fluid handling characteristics and electrical reliability can't be beat. The continuous connection technology in the POWER PLATE™ electric slip plate avoids the problems associated with conventional slip rings.

You can select a swivel designed to handle the flow of one product or a combination of products:
•  Oilspacer
•  Waterspacer
•  Gasspacer
•  Airspacer
•  Various chemical compositions spacer

At your selection of:
•   Flow ratespacer
•   Temperaturespacer
•   Pressure spacer

Benefit from:
•  Trouble-free transmission for powerspacer
•  Noise-free channel for CAN/BUS and other multiplexed spacer
spacersignal communications spacer

All in a reliable, cost-effective package.

Let Hydromotion provide a solution for your specific application requirements. Fill out the RFQ form for more information or a quote. Make a Hydromotion combination electric/fluid swivel part of your design.

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